Thursday, June 17, 2010

not sure how that happened...

First off, it's kinda cold. It's summer, in case no one noticed. It's just past the midway point in June, therefore it shouldn't be ...ok, 76 isn't really that bad but it's windy which gives the illusion of being colder than it should be.

Also, I got As on all of my exams, including the English one. I'm figuring that our teacher gave us the benefit of the doubt, seeing as it is pretty much impossible to write 2 decent essays and 20 sentences in 2 hours, it just doesn't work. At least for me. But hey, an A is an A.

Now, to start my summer to-do list.
  • watch the Sox/D-Backs game tonight 'cause Dan Haren is pitching and I can't miss that
  • finish my BC Calc summer work. I'm about halfway done with the first assignment due in July
  • whack out some of the books on my to-read list, in addition to the ones that the EGE insists that I read. Currently he's checked out two books for me, and I still have to finish the Warriors series, read the rest of the Hitchhiker's Guide series, read the 7th Harry Potter book since I bought it and never got around to reading it...
  • buy the AP Spanish books so I can teach myself the course and take the exam in May 'cause the class wouldn't fit in my schedule (I blame BC Calc for that)
  • go to one of the local music stores to pick up the piano score for Wicked. I'm most likely going to quit piano lessons come fall to make room for other stuff, but I still want to have a bit of fun with learning stuff to play.
  • work. That's kinda important, ya know :)
  • hone my photography skills, since I have two cameras and I kinda need to use them before school starts
  • practice softball. Unlike some other people in other sports (you know who you are), I can't just return to tryouts next March and make starting varsity. Ah hem.
  • buy a new pedal for my bike. I haven't used my bike since last summer when I went riding with the EGE's family and my pedal oh-so-conveniently fell off 'cause the screw part on the pedal was stripped.
Um... I think that's actually it for my list of stuff to do. That'll keep me busy for a while.

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