Monday, June 21, 2010

no more fooling around

Unfortunately, the summer doesn't really bring me much time to chill since I have to work two jobs, so basically it's no different than going to school. I mean, yeah, I technically only work 3 days at the office, but between those and the Dodd Stadium gig, I'll be working anywhere from 4 to 43 hours a week. Luckily my bosses were perfectly ok with me taking the week of the journalism trip off, along with the weekend my family is going camping and also the week(end) of my birthday/band camp. 'Cause as bad as it is to take an weekend off during a busy homestand, it's my birthday dammit and I deserve it off.

Also, I ended up buying tickets to the Modest Mouse concert in July, but because I had to have my parents pay for it (as you can't cram dollar bills into a computer and expect it to pay for stuff), and because I haven't gotten my first real paycheck yet, that pretty much prevents me from buying anything else this summer, except for gas and insurance (and that's over half my paycheck there, even before taxes). I understand that buying stuff before you have the money for it isn't a good habit, but this is the first time I've done so, and I have the money from past whatevernesses, just not the physical 94 bucks and change.

So that means no buying my AP Spanish books or the bike pedal or the piano book or any back-to-school clothes (though, since my birthday falls the week before school, I could cheat and ask for clothes gift certificates for my birthday and use those...).

Grr. I hate having to rely on other people for stuff I need. I always feel bad when I have to.

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