Monday, June 7, 2010

i effing love you guys

For those of you who may (or may not) have read Laura's post a few hours ago, I was in a really pissy mood at the end of the school day today. Mostly a combination of self-deprecation and the other confidence problems I'm plagued with. Regardless, Laura and the EGE tried to cheer me up, and at the time it wasn't helping 'cause I was in one of those "just let me be pissed off"-moods and they were impeding on that state of wanting to be pissed off.

I'm fine now, but I just now checked my blogroll and saw Laura's post. I should've looked at this earlier, it is amazing and if I had still been in my state of pissed-off-ness, this for-sure would've ended it. She took the time to create a cheer-up post for me about all my 5. A few of the facts are a little rough (mostly with Alex and Salty being in triple-A, not the majors), but heck, that's a helluva lot of work to put into a cheer-up post.

So in case you didn't see my comment, Laura, you rock :)

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Laura said...

As opposed to regularly loving us?
Haha, it was no problem manda. I'm just happy to help :D
Love you girl! <3