Monday, June 14, 2010

hold the phone.

Something's wrong here. I got a good grade on my thesis paper for English. Like, really good. On a paper involving analysis of literature and other crap I can't do. Something is seriously wrong here. But I'm not going to question it or I'll jinx it or whatever.

Anyway. Banquet was good, the coaches liked my stats packets and the girls liked the softball stats cards I made for each of them. Unfortunately, there were no awards or acknowledgments handed out to JV players other than the "hey you played JV softball woohoo" awards that everyone got. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, except for the fact that every varsity player got a speech and something else. And one of the seniors had told me a few weeks back that the varsity coach had voted me as best improved offensively on JV, except he never said anything to me about it.
Also the tennis banquet was last night also and the EGE got a bajillion awards like he always does and I kinda went off on him about getting seventy bajillion awards as opposed to mine-that-doesn't-really-count. My ... reaction, to put it nicely, was entirely uncalled-for, but I was pissed regardless. I'z sorry for yelling at you, EGE.

Continuing on the awards tangent, today was our last day of sports psych, and our teacher handed out little awards for the most involved people in our class, and I got one. It was basically an award for being argumentative, since that's pretty much all I did in that class, along with my softball anecdotes and my rants on how youth sports are horrible, which I know from experience (I personally wasn't in them barely at all, but I was given the short end of the stick because I hadn't started early enough in softball)

And that's my story. My last two exams (which are my only full-credit ones) are tomorrow, precalc and English, then I get to skip the second day 'cause I have current issues which I already did and study hall, and then the music picnic :)

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