Tuesday, June 15, 2010

happy no more exams day!

Finally. Talk about a lot to do today. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off to make sure I got my teachers to sign my yearbook. Then I had a few massive brain cramps during my precalc final (I ended up either remembering at the last minute, using the really roundabout way to solve it or skipping it), but overall it was fine. Then I ran around some more to pick up a camera for journalism/yearbook stuff over the summer. Then I had a continuous hand cramp during my English final 'cause having to write an essay, a poetry explication and 20 Wordly Wise sentences should not be done in 2 hours.

So now I don't have exams yay! Though it's s'posed to rain tomorrow afternoon for the muzak picnic, I hope it holds up. Or that it only sprinkles, 'cause I like it when it sprinkles.

Also, happy Lincecum day! The reigning Cy Young pitcher turns 26 today.

One last thing: I know Laura posted this yesterday, but I have to post about it too. It's just genius.

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