Sunday, June 27, 2010


  1. The Sox/Giants game started early last night so I didn't get to watch any of it. Sox won 4-2, Buchholz screwed up his knee, Pedroia is on the DL with a broken foot.
  2. I got moved to a different stand yesterday so I only knew 2 people.
  3. They made us stay the whole game instead of closing up in the 7th inning.
  4. I got stuck doing dishes last night, and the only reason why I didn't stay to finish them is 'cause I had to get home before 11 (driving laws and whatnot).
  5. My parents got home after me 'cause they went to a concert that I would've really liked to go to but couldn't 'cause I had to work and since it's a local band, they were playing at a bar and obviously that's 21+ only.
Working an afternoon game today, then maybe going over to the EGE's for the Sox/Giants finale today.

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