Thursday, June 24, 2010

the extent of my existence

Watering and shredding. That's pretty much it. Not necessarily bad tasks, just a little dull. Also I don't like being outside due to the pale skin factor. But hey, I'm getting good money for doing all the crap work no one else wants to do.
Speaking of which, I really should get off soon since I have to get up at buttcrack hour to water the plants tomorrow. But I'll make this quick.

In baseball, it's time for another episode of "Only the Nationals": You gotta love a match-up between the Royals and the Nationals. I mean, you got the laughing-stock of the Major Leagues/National League and the laughing-stock of the American League (no offense to either of you). Stephen Strasburg goes out and pitches a pretty darn good 6 innings, 1 run allowed with 9 strikeouts. But of course the Nats have to ruin it by not giving him any run support. At all. So they lose 1-zip. Come on guys, the guy gave up 1 run, that's really good. And you can't manage to help him out a bit? I mean, huzzah for the Royals for winning the pitchers' duel but that's just sad.

Finally, xkcd totally wins for yesterday's comic:

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