Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last marching band gig of this year (we played at graduation), it went pretty well, no monumental fails except at the end when the seniors weren't sure whether to stand up or not so they did a perfect wave in their seats.

The problem I had is that I found out I'm not playing the quads next year. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, as I suck at dealing with more than one drum (timpani aside), and two of the kids in the grade below me are perfectly suited for the job. The thing is that quads always go to a senior. And the kid who got it will be a junior.

When I asked my teacher about who was playing quads next year, he said that it would be not-me because he wanted me on snare, which I took as a compliment until he said that I apparently stress out enough with that. I'm not sure if he intended that as an insult but that's how I took it.

He also said he was looking out for my health, since the quads are kinda heavy (not much more than the bass drum, but whatever), and being a girl I'm at a biological disadvantage. Thus, because I was born with 2 X chromosomes and not 1 X and 1 Y, I'm out of my senior right. So is our other senior, because according to the physical requirements of playing quads, she's even less qualified since she's only like 5'2" or so.

I'm glad that I don't have to deal with quads next year, and I'm glad that who got is very well qualified, but I'm still pissed that I'm obviously not good enough. If I'm out of being section leader too, I'm gonna be even more pissed.

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fencer_22 said...

don't worry about it, one less responsibility to fret over right? just kick back and relax after all its summer =)