Friday, June 4, 2010

a belated tour guide mandachan post

Here's the Boston post I promised you. The EGE wrote a similar (but less awesome ;] ) one.

So. I had to get up at 7 to be ready to leave at 8. I was bad and brought my iPod in the car even though my mom told me not to 'cause I should've been socializing, but the EGE and his sister brought theirs too so it's ok. It was about a 2-hour car ride, we parked in the Prudential Center which was different 'cause every time I've gone to Boston, it's either been on a coach bus or we've parked at the Riverside T station and taken the T in.

We faffed around for a while 'cause the game didn't start til 1:35. We walked along the river and down the Harvard Bridge to do the lame touristy thing and take pictures of the Smoot signs (click here for an explanation). Then some random guy kept following us so we walked around taking all sorts of random streets trying to get away from the creepy stalker guy. We walked past a hopscotch board on the sidewalk and apparently it's "cool" that I know how to do that 'cause I had to teach the EGE's mom how to do it (the EGE was a party pooper and walked through it). And I saw a couple with Royals garb on and I really wanted to be all like "Hey nice hat" but figured that'd be weird.

I enjoyed my first meal at Qdoba, and it was amazing. For those of you unfamiliar with Qdoba, it's a Mexican chain food joint, but it's not fast food, it's much better. They've got lots of stuff to pick from, and you get to choose what you get in your tacos or quesadillas or burritos or whatever. I had 3 soft tacos (I hate hard-shell tacos, they always break on me) with nothing but shredded beef and cheese 'cause I don't like salsa or peppers, and I almost didn't finish the last one but it just tasted so good, I had to eat it.

We got to the stadium roughly 30-45 minutes early, so that gave us time to walk around and take pictures and stuff. I told the EGE that if I saw anyone with an Alex jersey on, they would definitely get a hi-5, and I saw a George Brett jersey and a Kyle Farnsworth jersey, but no Alex jersey.

I took a bunch of pictures inside Fenway Park, mostly of the bullpen 'cause that's what I could see the best, and I took a cool continuous-shot thing of Lester warming up. I was also quite impressed at the zoom on my camera, 'cause I could distinguish some of the Royals' numbers over by their dugout from all the way in the right field seats.

And then my camera died. Of course.

Anyway, you know that the Sox won 8-1, Big Papi and 'Tek hit home runs, Lester pitched 7 solid innings, blah blah blah. We had fun singing along to "Sweet Caroline," and they played "Tessie" by the Dropkick Murphys and I was one of the few who actually knew the words to that one.

We continued walking around after the game, and I felt special 'cause we walked past a bar called McGreevy's and I was like "Hey wait a second is that the McGreevy's mentioned in 'Tessie'?" I'm thinking it was, and luckily my camera resuscitated itself to let me take a picture of the bar. We mosied over to the Boston Gardens, poked around there a little bit and went back to the Prudential Center to eat dinner.

The EGE and I also went on a public transportation adventure, as his parents agreed to let us take the T to Riverside where they could pick us up. First, the ticket thing wouldn't let us not use exact change so we put 10 bucks on a Charlie ticket and only used 4. Then, we got down to where the train is and found out that they're doing construction so we had to get off at the Fenway stop, take a bus to the Reservoir stop, and get back on the T to Riverside. He started getting all stressed out, but last time I went on the T, they were doing construction on the same part of the line so I was all like "Relax, I've done this before."

So then we got picked up, drove home. I almost fell asleep on the EGE a number of times, but my iPod kept me awake, along with the fact that leaning on someone and wearing a seatbelt is not conducive to sleeping.

In whole, it was a lot of fun. Duuuh.

And now I am going to shut up and show you my pictures. Enjoy :)

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