Thursday, June 10, 2010

aw that sucks

I got my schedule for next year sorted out. I was kinda worried 'cause classes and organization and stuff is a Tetris-board-like mess, and even though seniors get first priority, I knew something wouldn't wind up fitting in. Unfortunately, those were my two APs.

Everyone else is all "OMGz let's overload ourselves with 4 AP classes" so I kinda felt bad to begin with 'cause I had only signed up for two, putting me at a career total of 3. Sure, it's not bad, but I was all like "well heck if everyone else is taking like 6 then 3 will look lame" but I figured it'd be better for me to be comfortable yet challenged rather than kill myself with the work load. So AP Calc BC and AP Spanish it was.

And here comes in the big Tetris-like mess. I was never so happy in my life to have a guidance appointment today during study hall until my guidance counselor told me that both my APs were during the same block. Of course.

So then she asked if I would consider taking AP Calc AB instead, but then we realized that wouldn't work either 'cause AB would take up 1.5 of my 2 journalism credits. And I'm planning on going into journalism. So that was out.

Then we tried seeing if I could take Conversational Spanish instead, but that also happened to be during the block of AP Calc and AP Spanish, so that wouldn't work.

So in the end I'm only taking 1 AP, therefore having my AP total at only 2, which is the minimum for the biggest honor-roll sorta thing at the end of the year (luckily I'm perfectly set in the GPA department for that). It kinda sucks 'cause I really like Spanish, and now I can't take it at all. I'm considering emailing my guidance counselor and asking her if I can buy an AP book off Amazon or whatever, teaching myself the course and taking the AP exam in the spring to get college credit, 'cause I've heard of people doing that.

Ah well. If all else fails, I can blame the EGE for not being able to take AP Spanish; after all, he is the one that told me to take BC Calc.

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