Sunday, June 6, 2010

alright. recappage.

Friday night was absolutely insane. The real season hasn't started yet, but they had a college tournament thing with UConn, CCSU, FSU and Oregon, so we had to work that. Each day was a doubleheader and Friday night was UConn vs. Oregon so pretty much everyone and their brother was there. Someone said they sold out the stadium of roughly 7,000 seats (meaning that they probably had more people that night than they'll get in a week of normal games).

I kinda just got thrown in there as a runner, meaning I would get the food and give it to the cashier. It was pretty cool, except once again pretty much everyone was there so there was no downtime at all. We ran out of pretty much every hot food thing (i.e. hot dogs or whatever) at least once, and a few people got really pissy 'cause we didn't have what they wanted.

Yesterday and today were a lot more relaxed, which was really nice. I just need to get another pair of khaki shorts 'cause I only have one and they're part of my uniform, and I need to get a pair of those foot insole squishy Dr. Scholl's things 'cause my feet kill after a 7 hour day.

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