Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We won some number over 12 to 5 today. And I hit another double today. I guess I can only hit doubles against this team. I also got walked/SB/scored, sac'ed and struck out :P and had a quasi fielding error (I was at a bad angle to back up our shortstop on a grounder so it got past both of us).

Ooh! Sports psych is going to be fun tomorrow... well, not really since I have a presentation to do about concussions, but I have even more respect for my teacher 'cause of what he's planning to do about my presentation. My partners are #1 and 2 on the varsity sleeping-in-class team, so I had to do all the research and make the entire power point. I was not a happy camper, mostly because I know that they'll have to present my project and they will sabotage my grade.

So I went up to my teacher today during homeroom, told him my problem, and he said to approach my partners and say that I'm worried about their grade (a nice way of saying "I don't really care about your grade but if you don't get your butts in gear, I will beat you up for killing my grade"). And if that doesn't work, he said that he'll have us present tomorrow, and casually, in the middle of the presentation, be all like "So, what did you guys contribute to this project?"

This is probably the most evil and amazing thing I've ever had a teacher suggest. It's perfect. Either they tell a bold-faced lie about their contributions, which my teacher and I can then call them out on, or they embarrass themselves in front of the entire class by admitting to their lack of contribution. It's a completely wretched idea and I love it.


fencer_22 said...

any chance you can video tape it and put it on youtube?

mandachan said...

no, bringing in a camera to document it would be too sketchy.

fencer_22 said...

what if a classmate taped it with their cell phone from under their desk?

mandachan said...

either way it'll have to wait til monday 'cause i didn't present today