Saturday, May 15, 2010

two days removed

Now that I'm actually awake and in a better mood about the other day's game, I can talk about it without wanting to beat my head into the keyboard.

In short, we got no-hitted and lost 26-0.

Now do you understand why I was pissed?

We only got 3 people on base: me with a leadoff walk, our pitcher with a fielder's choice that got me out at 2nd, and our left fielder with a walk in the third (she got to third on a stolen base and a sac by me, but obviously didn't score). And the errors. Oh, the errors. Our coach stopped counting at 15, my stepdad says there were easily 20+. It was embarrassing. My contribution to the fielding suckage was in the form of a fly ball that tailed on me, so instead of catching it and making the 3rd out and leaving the bases loaded, it dropped just past my glove and the inning continued and more girls scored.

I also knew going into this game that they would want our heads, since we had beat them 9-7 last time and we have never beat that school in 7+ years. If I'm not too mistaken, they called down a varsity pitcher, who was a freshman, to pitch against us. I say varsity because we didn't face her last time we played this team, but that could be because this team never takes us seriously so they probably didn't use their best pitcher on us the first game.

Regardless, this girl was fast, and I mean FAST, for JV, even for varsity. Sure, 60mph doesn't sound like much from a baseball standpoint, but we're used to seeing 50-52mph max, so this would be like batting against the Sox and Wakefield and then they take Wake out and replace his 65-70mph pitches with Delcarmen's 95+mph. It was freakin' scary. I can physically hit it, but the strike zone was low and I just couldn't get around on it fast enough, so I ripped one foul to the 1st base dugout and grounded one to first for the sacrifice.

So yeah. They wanted our heads. They got them. And our bats. And our gloves. And our butts on a silver platter.

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