Wednesday, May 26, 2010

this isn't right

Ok. It's 6:08pm and it's 85 degrees out. I realize that New England is famous for wonky weather but that's just not cool. It wasn't bad during school, but it was really hot during practice and it sucked majorly. Sure, our coach brought us like seventy bajillion things of water and Gatorade, but if it's 85 right now, it had to have been hotter earlier, and we legally can't be practicing if it's over 89. I'm thinking it was over 89. I heard it was somewhere around 94. Either way we shouldn't've been practicing.

Legalities aside, practice was ok. We did all fielding today, and I didn't do completely horrible but I didn't do spectacular either. The varsity coach also met with everyone individually to discuss the season, what to work on over the summer and what to look for next year. He asked me how I thought I did and I said that I improved hitting-wise but fielding was eh, and he said that obviously I can't play JV next year but if I worked on fielding over the summer, I'd have a shot. He also said that there's a possibility that I could DH 'cause he apparently liked what I did with the bat this season (I'm assuming he's disregarding the Ks). And if all else fails, I can always manage.

Um... yeah. I have nothing else to say. Enjoy your evening, stay cool B-)

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