Monday, May 17, 2010

that kinda backfired a little...

I finally presented my project for sports psych today. And the plan was all set to work. Until I realized that in order for my teacher to call out my partners during the presentation, they'd have to already presented a bit of the presentation. My presentation. The one that I did all by myself. And I really didn't want them to ruin it by presenting it.

So I had a minor panic moment and completely ratted them out to the entire class and possibly the library 'cause we were using the projector in there. It was horribly classless, and then my sports psych teacher made it worse by having me try and talk it out with my partners so I had to basically tell them up-front that I was pissed at them for not doing any work and they suck and they're why I hate working in groups.

Turns out I ended up revolting and presenting by myself, and then afterwards my teacher met with the three of us to figure out what happened (even though I had already told him). We worked out that since neither of them helped me on my project, or even showed any initiative towards helping me until the day and block it was due, they would have to do their own projects. He also told me that mine was a very detailed presentation but my ... presentation of my distaste of my partners' participation, or complete lack thereof, was a little tactless and that I probably should've presented it a little better.

Part of me feels bad for throwing my partners under the proverbial bus (well, one of them at least. The other one I don't like and couldn't care less about throwing under the proverbial bus.). And the other part of me feels that "Hey, it was tactless and disrespectful, but so is not helping a partner on a project."

In lighter news, we also talked about Salty's case of the yips during class today, except my teacher completely butchered his name so it took me a bit to realize who he was talking about. I also went on a trip for AP bio and we went and counted seagull nests and I took pictures of them and the little baby fuzzy seagulls ^_^

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fencer_22 said...

I want to see the secret FBI/CIA, video from the camera hidden in the plotted plant of this happening! oh and Amand my Mom says hi and wants to know when your next game is.