Sunday, May 2, 2010


That was a horribly lame post, and it really shouldn't count towards my every day posting-ness since I typed it up on Friday and had it post yesterday.

Anyway. Music trip was fun. I did a little DLGM post but again I'm not going to type it all (which makes me wonder why I bother doing it in the first place). It was a lot of fun. Wicked was awesome even the second time around, the music adjudication went pretty well and we got 3rd place, I was a roller coaster junkie with the EGE and went on the Great American Scream Machine 3 times and a few others (not Kingda Ka, I was petrified to go on it and the line was too long anyway), and I got a piggyback ride back to the buses :)
For more info, the EGE, Laura and possibly Eliz might have posts too since they were there with me.

Now for some baseball things. Alex got moved to the bench (EDIT, 5:32pm) sent down to triple-A Omaha, Ellsbury is still progressing with his chest contusion, and today is Salty's 25th birthday!

(It's ok, Salty, you'll be back in the lineup soon.)

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