Sunday, May 16, 2010

smartness and stuff

First, I was poking around on yesterday and saw an article having to do with the yips. And I knew exactly what they were talking about. Unfortunately, it has to do with Salty having the yips with throwing back to the mound, since he's still trying to get back into the swing of things after his TOS surgery last year. But thanks to my sports psych teacher, I knew what they were talking about before I even read it (which is why I was kinda worried about it).

The second thing is an EGE smartness thing (like he ever has stupid moments. Honestly.) Anyway, I've decided that if I ever need a lawyer, he's the man to go to because he might be able to get me out of a BS bus write-up.

What happened: I was walking down my driveway Friday morning and heard the bus coming up my road. I ran to the end of my driveway to see how far away it was. It was about... eh, I don't know, 400 feet away, so I ran across the road 'cause that's where I pick up the bus, and I was in no imminent danger. Turns out it was the middle school bus, not mine, but the lady honked at me even though I was already across the road by the time she would have needed to honk to get me out of the way.

When my bus came, I got on and my bus driver asked me if I had run out in front of the middle school bus, and I said that I ran across the street, and the middle school bus was on the road but nowhere near me, and she said that the middle school bus driver wrote me up for "running in front of the bus and almost getting hit". So of course I started silently freaking out since I don't know what a write-up entails and I didn't feel like breaking my record of not having had a detention, and that combined with the pissiness of the no-hitter the night before to put me in a really really bad mood Friday morning.

Enter the awesomeness of the EGE. He had nothing better to do during his calc class first block, so he went on the state website and found in some odd obscure stature section law-ish thing regarding traffic laws that since I was crossing plenty far enough in front of the bus, and since I wasn't jaywalking or taking a hellaciously wide angle across the road, I didn't do anything illegal or punishable by any means. He had the math to back it up too, so basically if I do get some form of punishment, I can put up a perfectly good appeal and not have to break my not-detention record. The only way the math wouldn't work would be if the bus driver was speeding, in which case all bets are off and she's the idiot, not me.

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