Friday, May 7, 2010

shake it off

Kindof a sucky game today. For starters, we lost 12-1 to the team we lost 4-1 to last time. Second, that run was scored by yours truly, which is cool and all but I'm not exactly the poster child for baserunning. Third, our pitcher ended up giving herself a dead arm so our third baseman had to pitch, and she can pitch, but we were kinda in a downward spiral to begin with so our fielding just made her life miserable (this was comparable to the 4/27 and 5/5 games, except those times we weren't the ones falling apart). And finally I had a ball bounce off my cleat during our major inning of suckage which I believe gave up a run.

On the plus side, I went 2 for 3 with 2 singles, a groundout, a walk, some stolen bases, a few really bad dives and slides and of course our run. Plus I caught a fly ball :)

Also on a cool but slightly scary note: I'm sure you heard about the Times Square bomb threat last weekend. Last weekend I was on the music trip. We were in New York on that Friday, and luckily we missed the whole fiasco on Saturday. But when we were in Times Square on Friday, there were two vendors near where we were standing that were selling I♥NY shirts. I know there's a lot of vendors in the area, but when I was reading the articles about the scare, the descriptions of the guys were almost identical to the guys we saw. So unless I'm getting my street vendors mixed up, which is entirely possible, I might have met Saturday's heroes on Friday. Kinda cool, kinda scary at the same time.

And GAH! Prom is tomorrow night. And I still don't really know how to walk properly in heels. Here's to hoping I don't break my ankle.

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