Friday, May 28, 2010

the sacrifices we make

Today marks the first day in... I don't know, a while, that I've come home on the bus and not had anything softball related to do. It's kinda nice. Except apparently I'm still in softball mode 'cause I freaked out a few times when I didn't have my softball bag; I thought I left it somewhere, and then I realized "Oh, right, the season is over."

Royals won last night 4-3. Dice-K kinda majorly sucked, mainly in the Finding the Strike Zone Dept. (he gave up 8 walks in less than 5 innings).

In school-related news, we had our spring pep rally and we actually won for once. Usually they rig it so the seniors win, except half the seniors left 'cause they're dumb so they had like no representation. I think it might've been a little rigged in our favor, though, 'cause we're the smallest class, and the sophomores won a lot of the events 'cause they have a lot more people than we do. But hey, a win is a win.

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