Monday, May 10, 2010

miracles do happen

By some chance of fate, or maybe the fact that the team that varsity was playing absolutely sucked, the softball gods liked me today and I got called up to play for varsity.

It was kinda weird, actually, 'cause we finished practice early (this team didn't have a JV for us to play, which I understand now because their varsity basically is JV) and I was sitting just outside the fence in center field and one of the varsity players called me over 'cause the coach wanted to talk to me. Coach threw me a uniform and told me to go behind the dugout and put it on 'cause I was DPing (which is basically DHing but with the implication that I'll get thrown in the field later).

My first few thoughts:
1. Holy crap I'm up playing for varsity.
2. Dammit I didn't get #4 (one of the other juniors already has it, so I kinda knew better than that. I got #18)
3. Dang this team must really suck if Coach wants me to play.
4. Holy crap I'm up playing for varsity.

When all is said and done, I grounded into a failed fielder's choice and scored, singled up the 3rd base line and scored, and struck out but swinging so it's ok. At that point, the strike zone had been widened to include anything reachable with a bat, so my single was on an inside pitch at my shins and the strikeout was on a pitch high and outside, but I'd rather go down swinging than looking. And I played left field, but our pitcher struck everyone out when I was out there so I didn't really do anything.

I'm not sure what the final score was, but they were already winning by... I don't know, a lot, by the time they called me up, and if I'm not too mistaken, it was a shutout, possibly a no-no. I'll check the box score in the paper tomorrow.

In other news, Dallas Braden of the A's pitched a perfect game yesterday, and Ken Griffey Jr. missed a pinch hitting opportunity 'cause he fell asleep in the clubhouse, but who cares? I got called up! Eeeee! :D