Monday, May 3, 2010

i thought i was over this

Apparently not. We won 6-3 against that team we creamed 24-2 last year, and I didn't play on the field but we used an 11-person lineup, and I batted leadoff (which I hate with a passion but hey, I was in the lineup).

Yeah. Heh. About that whole "batting" thing. I struck out for the first time this season today. Understandable, you can't go a season and not strike out. But I struck out not once but twice today, both swinging but on pitches I probably shouldn't've swung at and one of them being a dropped 3rd strike so I could've run to first but I only saw the catcher catch the ball, not drop it. When I came back to the book to make sure it had all been documented right, I took my take-home book that I use to do stats with and wrote "dammit" and a mad face next to my Ks. The suicide groundout in my 3rd at-bat didn't really help my case either.

That's 0 for 3, in case you lost track through my pissing and moaning. I normally wouldn't have a problem with it 'cause everyone has their crappy days, but hitting is my only redeemable quality other than doing the book. I can't field, so the coaches put me in the lineup 'cause they know I can hit. But if it turns out that I can't even do that, then they'd be stupid to keep me in the lineup. It's moments like these in which I feel like such an embarrassment to the team.

On a lighter note, I think the softball season weight loss has kicked in, 'cause I wore a pair of shorts today that I remember struggling to pull up earlier in the season, and today I had all I could do to keep them up. It wasn't too embarrassing, since it was kindof a good feeling to know that I'm not completely out of shape. And I don't think anyone was too emotionally scarred from it. At least I hope not...


fencer_22 said...

sorry about your batting congrats on the pants... wait did that sound wrong?

mandachan said...

haha no, it's ok. i was kinda caught in between being happy about the weight loss and mad about my pants almost falling off, too :)