Thursday, May 20, 2010

hooray for obscure tv shows!

Part 1: One of my mom's high school buddies came over for dinner tonight. He's pretty cool, but what's really cool is that he's into all the obscure shows and stuff Laura introduced me to, i.e. Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which I still need to see). So whenever he comes over, we talk Firefly things and it's a lot of fun :)

Part 2: Related to part one. That video I made for the EGE's Spanish project was "How to Be a Supervillain," so he picked out a bunch of YouTube clips of the aforementioned shows/movies/whatevers and I cropped them, put them to music and added titles as to the "steps" on how to be a supervillain. It took me maybe an hour to make, and he really liked it, even though he didn't get to see it until he had to present it today, and my laptop wasn't cooperating with the projector so we had to use someone else's laptop.



fencer_22 said...

even funnier the 2nd time

mandachan said...

thanks :)
sorry my computer wasn't cooperating earlier. it always takes a little bit before it stops skipping.

Laura said...

That was amazing! Even though I don't understand the Spanish... translation of the credits por favor? (yes, i get the irony of saying "please" in Spanish)

mandachan said...

's ok. the credits just said that david was the "supervillain" (in his dreams), the videos were found by you and that they were from dr. horrible, firefly, serenity and star wars. and that it was directed/edited by me.

Laura said...

Yay! Thank you!