Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gotta take the good with the bad

Well, not bad, per se, more like 'not so good'.

The 'not so good': I wasn't really s'posed to play in the varsity game yesterday. Coach apparently wanted our center fielder to go up but she had already left so he called me up instead. Sure, I still played, but as a "you'll do"-kinda player.

The good: I said that our pitcher pitched a shutout yesterday. It wasn't just a shutout. It was a 5-inning perfect game, with 11 of the 15 outs being strikeouts and no hit ball getting past the pitcher's circle. No wonder they called me up, there wasn't anything to worry about me not fielding properly.

Also, we won 25-0.

Game at home tomorrow, against the team we beat 21-5 earlier in the season (the team I hit the "trip-le" against).

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