Thursday, May 20, 2010

got that done and over with

I had my obligatory "injury that prevents me from practicing the rest of the day" today in the form of a busted fingertip. It's similar to what happened 2 years ago, but this time I was taking grounders in the outfield and the ball hit my fingernail and pulled it up juuuust the teeniest bit. Eighth of an inch at most, so it's still intact. But oh my did it bleed. I'm not talking a trickle or a gradual increase. I'm talking instablood. It hit me, I looked at it, thought "Huh. My finger is bleeding. A lot. I should probably stop," and by the time I walked from left field to the left field line, I had blood dripping down my hand.

Luckily, Eliz is the varsity manager so she fixed me up with a bandaid and such, and I sat most of the rest of practice except when we did running 'cause you can still run with a busted finger. Now it just stings like a you-know-what. I just really hope that I can play tomorrow, whether because my finger cooperates and I can throw, or because our coach throws me in as DH (that would be nice).

Typing with 9 fingers sucks, btw.

And speaking of games, we lost 8-5 yesterday. Most of those runs scored on errors after I was subbed out in the 5th. I kinda sucked offensively (K, RBI sac that could've been a single if I ran faster and a groundout to second), but I can't say I sucked defensively since I was in right field and no one really hits anything to right. Except apparently when our sub right fielder went in, she got at least two. Weird.

And that is my story. I should probably get to working on my thesis paper, so bye :)

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