Saturday, May 8, 2010

good grief

For one, I am all-around impressed that the internet has dealt with my nonsense for 600 posts.

Second, like I said yesterday, prom is tonight. This will be interesting, mostly in terms of "class." Everyone seems to think that grinding is an acceptable dance move, which it isn't, and even a dancingly challenged person like me knows that. Then you'll have the tasteless people that think that prom is a good time to break up or cheat on their significant others (note to self: steer clear of the girls' bathroom if at all possible to avoid drama). And then you have me.

I'm not planning on breaking any rules, heck no. I have a nice dress that I borrowed from my cousins, and even though it's strapless, the zipper is tight enough that it'll stay up despite my lack of... you know, other things that keep a strapless dress up. I have nice heels that I'm currently wearing so I can get used to walking in them and not bust my ankle. I'm getting a pedicure and my hair foofed (:P) at a salon next to my mom's work this afternoon. So it should be all good, right?

Haha, you're funny. My face is horribly broken out, like it usually is, and I have horrible skin on my shoulders too that's usually hidden but tonight will be on display. I have a farmer's tan from softball and the summer that really never goes away, just fades, so I have "tan" arms but pasty white shoulders. Even "tan" is a relative term since I got all the English and Scandinavian pale genes, and my sister's lightest is darker than my darkest, since she has the good Italian olive skin.

And I also have my obligatory softball injuries. I have a bruise on my upper left arm from my bat and snapping my wrists and whacking myself. I have one on my left thigh from goodness knows what. I have one on my left shin that may have been from sliding yesterday but I'm not sure 'cause I usually slide with my right leg under, and it's one of those bruises where you can feel it but not see it. I have the permabruise and surface scar from sliding on my right shin. My right knee is skinned from sliding/diving yesterday (the impact tore a hole in my sock). And to top it all off, I got popped in the chin with a one-hopper during pregame warmups yesterday so now I have one of those half butt-chins with the swelling only on one side and a lovely collection of popped blood vessels that complements my pizza face quite nicely. Luckily it's not bruised (yet).

It probably wouldn't help my argument about being "classy" to say that I was tempted, as a member of the junior class advisory, to put the "Chicken Dance," "Hokey Pokey," "Cotton-Eye Joe" and all those elementary-school-style songs on the list of songs we needed. But really, if you don't know those dances, you've been living under a rock.

Let the classiness begin! Hope that ibuprofen kicks in soon, I think I slept on my neck funny last night and it really hurts.


The EGE said...

Hi, my name is David, and I live under a rock.

mandachan said...

i know you live under a rock. :)
fortunately, the rock you're living under is one of a few basic things i can help with. besides, you don't really need any skills to do these. the instructions to the hokey pokey are in the song, for crying out loud.