Monday, May 24, 2010

all over now

Good song by Eric Hutchinson, btw. Check it out.

Anyway, our last game was today, we won 11-3. Our record is 13 and 5, which is awesome and the best it's been for the JV program since before our coach started coaching, so that's like 8+ years. I still need to work team stats like batting average and such, so I'll post my info when I get there. What I can tell you is that my batting average... well, pretty much every stat, is better than last year by a lot.

There's optional practice the rest of this week, but I'm going anyway 'cause it's sorta like a mini-tryout so the varsity coach can look at the JV players a little better and possibly throw them around in positions to see where they play best. Also because I need as much help with fielding as I can get.

And that's my story. Bye :)

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