Monday, May 31, 2010

that was fun :)

I mean, hello, it's Boston. It's a Red Sox/Royals game. And it's with awesome people. There's no way it could've gone wrong.

I'll have a bigger post tomorrow 'cause I still need to finish a slideshow of pictures I took and some ones that the EGE's parents took when my camera decided to die partway through the game.

And that's my story. Sorry for the lame-o post, tomorrow's will be good :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

shipping up to boston

Today's gonna be a long day. The game isn't til 1:05 or whatever but the EGE's family wanted to make a day out of going to Boston, so they're picking me up in a half-hour-ish and not dropping me off til... late. My parents are having their big Memorial Day picnic hooflah thing today, but luckily my mom's only concern with me going was that I'd miss the chicken wings :)

I'm bringing my camera to take pictures and stuff, and I'll post them at some point.

I should finish breakfast, so have a lovely day :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sorry for the slang, but that's basically what I said when I found out about Roy Halladay's perfect game. 20th in MLB history, and the 3rd within the past year (recall Dallas Braden's PG against the Rays earlier this month and Mark Buerhle's PG also against the Rays last July).

Also, the Indians' pitcher took an A-Rod liner to the head in today's game and had to be taken to the hospital. Yikes.

Still in injury news, the Angels' catcher hit a grand salami to win the game but broke his leg in a home-plate collision so he got carted off to the ER too.

Aaand Ellsbury is back on the DL from that Beltre kneeing back in April. Which means neither Alex nor Ellsbury will be at the game tomorrow. To which I have tickets. Of course. Oh well, it'll be fun. Much thanks going out to the EGE and his dad for getting those, you guys rock :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

the sacrifices we make

Today marks the first day in... I don't know, a while, that I've come home on the bus and not had anything softball related to do. It's kinda nice. Except apparently I'm still in softball mode 'cause I freaked out a few times when I didn't have my softball bag; I thought I left it somewhere, and then I realized "Oh, right, the season is over."

Royals won last night 4-3. Dice-K kinda majorly sucked, mainly in the Finding the Strike Zone Dept. (he gave up 8 walks in less than 5 innings).

In school-related news, we had our spring pep rally and we actually won for once. Usually they rig it so the seniors win, except half the seniors left 'cause they're dumb so they had like no representation. I think it might've been a little rigged in our favor, though, 'cause we're the smallest class, and the sophomores won a lot of the events 'cause they have a lot more people than we do. But hey, a win is a win.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


All I'm asking for is two players to be in Fenway for the series this weekend. Two players. That's it. Is that too much to ask? I don't really think so.

The baseball gods must, because Ellsbury might go back on the DL 'cause of the residing pain from Beltre kneeing him in the chest last Sox/Royals series. And Alex is batting .377 and he is still in Omaha. Would it kill you guys to let me see you play against each other? Even if just one of you made it on the field this weekend I'd be happy.

Also, Lincecum kinda sucked at pitching last night. And Salty is still in triple-A. And currently Danny is in line for a loss against the Rockies.

Dear Baseball Gods:
You guys must really hate me. I don't like that. Cut me some slack and let my boys do good for once, will you? Thanks.

Sox/Royals game kicks off at 7:10ish.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

this isn't right

Ok. It's 6:08pm and it's 85 degrees out. I realize that New England is famous for wonky weather but that's just not cool. It wasn't bad during school, but it was really hot during practice and it sucked majorly. Sure, our coach brought us like seventy bajillion things of water and Gatorade, but if it's 85 right now, it had to have been hotter earlier, and we legally can't be practicing if it's over 89. I'm thinking it was over 89. I heard it was somewhere around 94. Either way we shouldn't've been practicing.

Legalities aside, practice was ok. We did all fielding today, and I didn't do completely horrible but I didn't do spectacular either. The varsity coach also met with everyone individually to discuss the season, what to work on over the summer and what to look for next year. He asked me how I thought I did and I said that I improved hitting-wise but fielding was eh, and he said that obviously I can't play JV next year but if I worked on fielding over the summer, I'd have a shot. He also said that there's a possibility that I could DH 'cause he apparently liked what I did with the bat this season (I'm assuming he's disregarding the Ks). And if all else fails, I can always manage.

Um... yeah. I have nothing else to say. Enjoy your evening, stay cool B-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

so far, so good

No embarrassments or injuries (or embarrassing injuries) thus far with practicing with varsity for the postseason. Then again all we did were tchotchke warmup things and a mini scrimmage today in which I sucked royally (sorry, Kansas City, you know I don't mean it like that) and struck out twice :P

Luckily my stepdad was willing to work with my whininess and tweak my swing to compensate for faster pitching, and he also helped with grounders.

On another note, I'm starting to get a little worried for the Sox/Royals series that starts on Thursday (!), 'cause the Royals recalled Betemit and sent down Bullington, but Alex hasn't moved. And I really want him to play this series. More than I really should, but he wasn't in the April series 'cause of his thumb and I want to watch him play without having to watch the YES channel. I don't even know if we get the YES channel. But regardless. I will not be a happy camper if he's stuck in Omaha this weekend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

all over now

Good song by Eric Hutchinson, btw. Check it out.

Anyway, our last game was today, we won 11-3. Our record is 13 and 5, which is awesome and the best it's been for the JV program since before our coach started coaching, so that's like 8+ years. I still need to work team stats like batting average and such, so I'll post my info when I get there. What I can tell you is that my batting average... well, pretty much every stat, is better than last year by a lot.

There's optional practice the rest of this week, but I'm going anyway 'cause it's sorta like a mini-tryout so the varsity coach can look at the JV players a little better and possibly throw them around in positions to see where they play best. Also because I need as much help with fielding as I can get.

And that's my story. Bye :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

thesis papers suck

(So does typing with 9 fingers, as it took me like 5 tries to get the title right)

Anyway, post shall be short today since I have a rough draft due tomorrow and I still need to type about 1.5 pages to meet the minimum requirement of 5 and I'm seriously running out of things to talk about.

In baseball, Ellsbury is back with the Sox, he had a walk and a run last night's 5-0 win over the Phillies. Also kudos to Dice-K for one-hitting the Phils and not giving up that blooper til the 8th inning.

Alex went 2 for 4 last night in Omaha, a triple, a home run, an RBI (duh) and 2 runs. I hope he gets called up before next weekend. Like, reeeeally reeeeeally badly.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

this looks promising

Job fair went pretty well. I hadn't printed out an application at home since my computer doesn't like PDF files, but they had them there to fill out. They also had a list of positions they wanted people for, and I was pretty much game for all of them, but ideally I want to be a bat boy... er, girl (well the position title was specifically bat boy) or hawker.

They conducted little mini-interviews too, and the guy asked me if I had any special talents or attributes, and I looked at my stepdad blankly 'cause I wasn't sure what to say, but then the guy asked if I was loud and I automatically said yes (the girls on the team can vouch for this). The guy also put down that I was personable and that I had a lot of baseball knowledge 'cause I also play softball, which is fundamentally the same thing.

Now, I just have to wait a week or two for them to get back to me. I can't wait :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


I feel really special. Our first base coach was talking to my parents after the game (we had a doubleheader, with us at 4:30 and varsity at 7), and he didn't say that I was a clutch hitter. He said that I was clutch. :D

Anyway, we won 8-5, and I DHed because I tried fielding with my bum hand and it just wasn't working out. I could throw fine, I just held my pointer finger up and gripped it with my thumb and other 3 fingers, but I just couldn't field so hot (I know, just like normal). I kinda felt bad 'cause I DHed in place of our right fielder, but then I had a bases-clearing double to cap a 4-run 2nd inning ('cause I came around and scored) so then I didn't feel quite so bad.

I also lined out to the pitcher, which I can't really complain about 'cause it was a liner right at her head and she caught it on a reflex/"OHMYGAWD THERE'S A BALL COMING AT MY FACE" reaction thing. And I walked and scored again.

I'm not sure if it's because we won or not, but our coaches cancelled practice for tomorrow, which means I can leave the house and be at the job fair at Dodd Stadium when it starts at 10. I'm excited :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

hooray for obscure tv shows!

Part 1: One of my mom's high school buddies came over for dinner tonight. He's pretty cool, but what's really cool is that he's into all the obscure shows and stuff Laura introduced me to, i.e. Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which I still need to see). So whenever he comes over, we talk Firefly things and it's a lot of fun :)

Part 2: Related to part one. That video I made for the EGE's Spanish project was "How to Be a Supervillain," so he picked out a bunch of YouTube clips of the aforementioned shows/movies/whatevers and I cropped them, put them to music and added titles as to the "steps" on how to be a supervillain. It took me maybe an hour to make, and he really liked it, even though he didn't get to see it until he had to present it today, and my laptop wasn't cooperating with the projector so we had to use someone else's laptop.

got that done and over with

I had my obligatory "injury that prevents me from practicing the rest of the day" today in the form of a busted fingertip. It's similar to what happened 2 years ago, but this time I was taking grounders in the outfield and the ball hit my fingernail and pulled it up juuuust the teeniest bit. Eighth of an inch at most, so it's still intact. But oh my did it bleed. I'm not talking a trickle or a gradual increase. I'm talking instablood. It hit me, I looked at it, thought "Huh. My finger is bleeding. A lot. I should probably stop," and by the time I walked from left field to the left field line, I had blood dripping down my hand.

Luckily, Eliz is the varsity manager so she fixed me up with a bandaid and such, and I sat most of the rest of practice except when we did running 'cause you can still run with a busted finger. Now it just stings like a you-know-what. I just really hope that I can play tomorrow, whether because my finger cooperates and I can throw, or because our coach throws me in as DH (that would be nice).

Typing with 9 fingers sucks, btw.

And speaking of games, we lost 8-5 yesterday. Most of those runs scored on errors after I was subbed out in the 5th. I kinda sucked offensively (K, RBI sac that could've been a single if I ran faster and a groundout to second), but I can't say I sucked defensively since I was in right field and no one really hits anything to right. Except apparently when our sub right fielder went in, she got at least two. Weird.

And that is my story. I should probably get to working on my thesis paper, so bye :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Game today. Looks like the rain will hold up. Mandachan is very happy for that.

Um, not much else to talk about. Working on a Spanish project for the EGE 'cause he doesn't have Windows MovieMaker. I'll post it when I'm done.

And yeah. Enjoy your afternoon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i should so totally go to this

Job fair at Dodd Stadium (where the Defenders played last year and the Tigers are playing this year) this weekend. Looking for "parking staff, cooks, cashiers, bartenders, waiter/waitresses, concession stand managers, Kid's Zone attendants, stadium cleaning crew, grounds crew and on-field personnel." I am really tempted to go. Here's to hoping even more that tomorrow's game doesn't get rained out and rescheduled to Saturday.

communication sucks

Lack of communication sucks. Or, more accurately, the apparent feeling that my parents have that I never tell them anything even though I specifically told them that I had gotten a ride home from practice today and did not need one from them.

Too much communication sucks. The whole entirety of JV having practice with varsity on a rainy Tuesday (in which we have the back gym and can only really fit varsity in) was because of a few of our girls mouthing off to the coach. Way to go guys.

And now I have popped blood vessels in my right pointer fingertip and I'm mad.

Monday, May 17, 2010

that kinda backfired a little...

I finally presented my project for sports psych today. And the plan was all set to work. Until I realized that in order for my teacher to call out my partners during the presentation, they'd have to already presented a bit of the presentation. My presentation. The one that I did all by myself. And I really didn't want them to ruin it by presenting it.

So I had a minor panic moment and completely ratted them out to the entire class and possibly the library 'cause we were using the projector in there. It was horribly classless, and then my sports psych teacher made it worse by having me try and talk it out with my partners so I had to basically tell them up-front that I was pissed at them for not doing any work and they suck and they're why I hate working in groups.

Turns out I ended up revolting and presenting by myself, and then afterwards my teacher met with the three of us to figure out what happened (even though I had already told him). We worked out that since neither of them helped me on my project, or even showed any initiative towards helping me until the day and block it was due, they would have to do their own projects. He also told me that mine was a very detailed presentation but my ... presentation of my distaste of my partners' participation, or complete lack thereof, was a little tactless and that I probably should've presented it a little better.

Part of me feels bad for throwing my partners under the proverbial bus (well, one of them at least. The other one I don't like and couldn't care less about throwing under the proverbial bus.). And the other part of me feels that "Hey, it was tactless and disrespectful, but so is not helping a partner on a project."

In lighter news, we also talked about Salty's case of the yips during class today, except my teacher completely butchered his name so it took me a bit to realize who he was talking about. I also went on a trip for AP bio and we went and counted seagull nests and I took pictures of them and the little baby fuzzy seagulls ^_^

Sunday, May 16, 2010

smartness and stuff

First, I was poking around on yesterday and saw an article having to do with the yips. And I knew exactly what they were talking about. Unfortunately, it has to do with Salty having the yips with throwing back to the mound, since he's still trying to get back into the swing of things after his TOS surgery last year. But thanks to my sports psych teacher, I knew what they were talking about before I even read it (which is why I was kinda worried about it).

The second thing is an EGE smartness thing (like he ever has stupid moments. Honestly.) Anyway, I've decided that if I ever need a lawyer, he's the man to go to because he might be able to get me out of a BS bus write-up.

What happened: I was walking down my driveway Friday morning and heard the bus coming up my road. I ran to the end of my driveway to see how far away it was. It was about... eh, I don't know, 400 feet away, so I ran across the road 'cause that's where I pick up the bus, and I was in no imminent danger. Turns out it was the middle school bus, not mine, but the lady honked at me even though I was already across the road by the time she would have needed to honk to get me out of the way.

When my bus came, I got on and my bus driver asked me if I had run out in front of the middle school bus, and I said that I ran across the street, and the middle school bus was on the road but nowhere near me, and she said that the middle school bus driver wrote me up for "running in front of the bus and almost getting hit". So of course I started silently freaking out since I don't know what a write-up entails and I didn't feel like breaking my record of not having had a detention, and that combined with the pissiness of the no-hitter the night before to put me in a really really bad mood Friday morning.

Enter the awesomeness of the EGE. He had nothing better to do during his calc class first block, so he went on the state website and found in some odd obscure stature section law-ish thing regarding traffic laws that since I was crossing plenty far enough in front of the bus, and since I wasn't jaywalking or taking a hellaciously wide angle across the road, I didn't do anything illegal or punishable by any means. He had the math to back it up too, so basically if I do get some form of punishment, I can put up a perfectly good appeal and not have to break my not-detention record. The only way the math wouldn't work would be if the bus driver was speeding, in which case all bets are off and she's the idiot, not me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

two days removed

Now that I'm actually awake and in a better mood about the other day's game, I can talk about it without wanting to beat my head into the keyboard.

In short, we got no-hitted and lost 26-0.

Now do you understand why I was pissed?

We only got 3 people on base: me with a leadoff walk, our pitcher with a fielder's choice that got me out at 2nd, and our left fielder with a walk in the third (she got to third on a stolen base and a sac by me, but obviously didn't score). And the errors. Oh, the errors. Our coach stopped counting at 15, my stepdad says there were easily 20+. It was embarrassing. My contribution to the fielding suckage was in the form of a fly ball that tailed on me, so instead of catching it and making the 3rd out and leaving the bases loaded, it dropped just past my glove and the inning continued and more girls scored.

I also knew going into this game that they would want our heads, since we had beat them 9-7 last time and we have never beat that school in 7+ years. If I'm not too mistaken, they called down a varsity pitcher, who was a freshman, to pitch against us. I say varsity because we didn't face her last time we played this team, but that could be because this team never takes us seriously so they probably didn't use their best pitcher on us the first game.

Regardless, this girl was fast, and I mean FAST, for JV, even for varsity. Sure, 60mph doesn't sound like much from a baseball standpoint, but we're used to seeing 50-52mph max, so this would be like batting against the Sox and Wakefield and then they take Wake out and replace his 65-70mph pitches with Delcarmen's 95+mph. It was freakin' scary. I can physically hit it, but the strike zone was low and I just couldn't get around on it fast enough, so I ripped one foul to the 1st base dugout and grounded one to first for the sacrifice.

So yeah. They wanted our heads. They got them. And our bats. And our gloves. And our butts on a silver platter.

Friday, May 14, 2010

i suck at board games

Went over to the EGE's house tonight to hang out with him and Laura and watch some more of The Big Bang Theory, eat nachos, play the capturing version of Chinese checkers, played Twister and pigpiled on each other.

And that's all I have to say right now 'cause I'm tired and reeeeeally need to go to bed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

*holding back maniacal scream of angst*

We lost. But as to eliminate most of the swearing that would most likely accompany a discussion of today's game, I'll save that for tomorrow when I'm in a less pissy mood.

Also, Trey Hillman got fired by the Royals today. Ned Yost replaced him as manager.

That's all.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We won some number over 12 to 5 today. And I hit another double today. I guess I can only hit doubles against this team. I also got walked/SB/scored, sac'ed and struck out :P and had a quasi fielding error (I was at a bad angle to back up our shortstop on a grounder so it got past both of us).

Ooh! Sports psych is going to be fun tomorrow... well, not really since I have a presentation to do about concussions, but I have even more respect for my teacher 'cause of what he's planning to do about my presentation. My partners are #1 and 2 on the varsity sleeping-in-class team, so I had to do all the research and make the entire power point. I was not a happy camper, mostly because I know that they'll have to present my project and they will sabotage my grade.

So I went up to my teacher today during homeroom, told him my problem, and he said to approach my partners and say that I'm worried about their grade (a nice way of saying "I don't really care about your grade but if you don't get your butts in gear, I will beat you up for killing my grade"). And if that doesn't work, he said that he'll have us present tomorrow, and casually, in the middle of the presentation, be all like "So, what did you guys contribute to this project?"

This is probably the most evil and amazing thing I've ever had a teacher suggest. It's perfect. Either they tell a bold-faced lie about their contributions, which my teacher and I can then call them out on, or they embarrass themselves in front of the entire class by admitting to their lack of contribution. It's a completely wretched idea and I love it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gotta take the good with the bad

Well, not bad, per se, more like 'not so good'.

The 'not so good': I wasn't really s'posed to play in the varsity game yesterday. Coach apparently wanted our center fielder to go up but she had already left so he called me up instead. Sure, I still played, but as a "you'll do"-kinda player.

The good: I said that our pitcher pitched a shutout yesterday. It wasn't just a shutout. It was a 5-inning perfect game, with 11 of the 15 outs being strikeouts and no hit ball getting past the pitcher's circle. No wonder they called me up, there wasn't anything to worry about me not fielding properly.

Also, we won 25-0.

Game at home tomorrow, against the team we beat 21-5 earlier in the season (the team I hit the "trip-le" against).

Monday, May 10, 2010

miracles do happen

By some chance of fate, or maybe the fact that the team that varsity was playing absolutely sucked, the softball gods liked me today and I got called up to play for varsity.

It was kinda weird, actually, 'cause we finished practice early (this team didn't have a JV for us to play, which I understand now because their varsity basically is JV) and I was sitting just outside the fence in center field and one of the varsity players called me over 'cause the coach wanted to talk to me. Coach threw me a uniform and told me to go behind the dugout and put it on 'cause I was DPing (which is basically DHing but with the implication that I'll get thrown in the field later).

My first few thoughts:
1. Holy crap I'm up playing for varsity.
2. Dammit I didn't get #4 (one of the other juniors already has it, so I kinda knew better than that. I got #18)
3. Dang this team must really suck if Coach wants me to play.
4. Holy crap I'm up playing for varsity.

When all is said and done, I grounded into a failed fielder's choice and scored, singled up the 3rd base line and scored, and struck out but swinging so it's ok. At that point, the strike zone had been widened to include anything reachable with a bat, so my single was on an inside pitch at my shins and the strikeout was on a pitch high and outside, but I'd rather go down swinging than looking. And I played left field, but our pitcher struck everyone out when I was out there so I didn't really do anything.

I'm not sure what the final score was, but they were already winning by... I don't know, a lot, by the time they called me up, and if I'm not too mistaken, it was a shutout, possibly a no-no. I'll check the box score in the paper tomorrow.

In other news, Dallas Braden of the A's pitched a perfect game yesterday, and Ken Griffey Jr. missed a pinch hitting opportunity 'cause he fell asleep in the clubhouse, but who cares? I got called up! Eeeee! :D

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Tired. I got home at like 11:30, 11:45 last night, spent 25 minutes getting all 31 bobby pins, braids and massive tangliness out of my hair, and then had to wake up at 9 this morning :P

Anyway. Prom was only sortof torturous ;)
The food was good (uh, hello, steak), our class picked good people for king and queen, and they did play some songs that I actually knew. Like "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. The only thing was that... well... I can't really sing, but no one could hear me anyway. Laura joined in, which was cool, and she's a much more refined singer than yours truly, not to mention a soprano, so while I was singing along on Jason Mraz's level, Laura was an octave above me. I guess I just have a manly voice.

Also with the music, most of it sucked 'cause aside from grinding, no one really danced to it so our group (me, Laura, the EGE and our friend Tang) just kinda stood there moving around a little and looking really awkward. But I have to give the dj props for the last song. It was "Amazed" by Lonestar, and I'm not a huge country fan, but my dad has that CD and we would listen to it all the time when I was little, so I knew most of the words. And it's just such a sweet song:
"I don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you"

So yeah. DJ JD definitely gets props for that. He's been the dj for all of our school dances since he's an alumnus, and he's really quite good with the mixing and whatnot but this just makes him extra awesome.

I apologize for my verbosity in recent posts. I just have a lot to talk about.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

good grief

For one, I am all-around impressed that the internet has dealt with my nonsense for 600 posts.

Second, like I said yesterday, prom is tonight. This will be interesting, mostly in terms of "class." Everyone seems to think that grinding is an acceptable dance move, which it isn't, and even a dancingly challenged person like me knows that. Then you'll have the tasteless people that think that prom is a good time to break up or cheat on their significant others (note to self: steer clear of the girls' bathroom if at all possible to avoid drama). And then you have me.

I'm not planning on breaking any rules, heck no. I have a nice dress that I borrowed from my cousins, and even though it's strapless, the zipper is tight enough that it'll stay up despite my lack of... you know, other things that keep a strapless dress up. I have nice heels that I'm currently wearing so I can get used to walking in them and not bust my ankle. I'm getting a pedicure and my hair foofed (:P) at a salon next to my mom's work this afternoon. So it should be all good, right?

Haha, you're funny. My face is horribly broken out, like it usually is, and I have horrible skin on my shoulders too that's usually hidden but tonight will be on display. I have a farmer's tan from softball and the summer that really never goes away, just fades, so I have "tan" arms but pasty white shoulders. Even "tan" is a relative term since I got all the English and Scandinavian pale genes, and my sister's lightest is darker than my darkest, since she has the good Italian olive skin.

And I also have my obligatory softball injuries. I have a bruise on my upper left arm from my bat and snapping my wrists and whacking myself. I have one on my left thigh from goodness knows what. I have one on my left shin that may have been from sliding yesterday but I'm not sure 'cause I usually slide with my right leg under, and it's one of those bruises where you can feel it but not see it. I have the permabruise and surface scar from sliding on my right shin. My right knee is skinned from sliding/diving yesterday (the impact tore a hole in my sock). And to top it all off, I got popped in the chin with a one-hopper during pregame warmups yesterday so now I have one of those half butt-chins with the swelling only on one side and a lovely collection of popped blood vessels that complements my pizza face quite nicely. Luckily it's not bruised (yet).

It probably wouldn't help my argument about being "classy" to say that I was tempted, as a member of the junior class advisory, to put the "Chicken Dance," "Hokey Pokey," "Cotton-Eye Joe" and all those elementary-school-style songs on the list of songs we needed. But really, if you don't know those dances, you've been living under a rock.

Let the classiness begin! Hope that ibuprofen kicks in soon, I think I slept on my neck funny last night and it really hurts.

Friday, May 7, 2010

shake it off

Kindof a sucky game today. For starters, we lost 12-1 to the team we lost 4-1 to last time. Second, that run was scored by yours truly, which is cool and all but I'm not exactly the poster child for baserunning. Third, our pitcher ended up giving herself a dead arm so our third baseman had to pitch, and she can pitch, but we were kinda in a downward spiral to begin with so our fielding just made her life miserable (this was comparable to the 4/27 and 5/5 games, except those times we weren't the ones falling apart). And finally I had a ball bounce off my cleat during our major inning of suckage which I believe gave up a run.

On the plus side, I went 2 for 3 with 2 singles, a groundout, a walk, some stolen bases, a few really bad dives and slides and of course our run. Plus I caught a fly ball :)

Also on a cool but slightly scary note: I'm sure you heard about the Times Square bomb threat last weekend. Last weekend I was on the music trip. We were in New York on that Friday, and luckily we missed the whole fiasco on Saturday. But when we were in Times Square on Friday, there were two vendors near where we were standing that were selling I♥NY shirts. I know there's a lot of vendors in the area, but when I was reading the articles about the scare, the descriptions of the guys were almost identical to the guys we saw. So unless I'm getting my street vendors mixed up, which is entirely possible, I might have met Saturday's heroes on Friday. Kinda cool, kinda scary at the same time.

And GAH! Prom is tomorrow night. And I still don't really know how to walk properly in heels. Here's to hoping I don't break my ankle.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

that's not a good sign.

Practice wasn't all that bad today, except for one minor major problem. We only had 8 people. I don't know about you, but I know we can't play a 9-person game with 8 people. Especially since we have an overabundance of outfielders. What ended up happening is that we didn't do our situational fielding things, but instead we just fielded a bunch of balls in succession to get the fundamentals of moving to the ball, and then we just threw home.

Which was good, since our coach threw me in at first base. Where I've never been before. Like, ever. It was a little scary, particularly in the sense that I suck at grounders, but for some reason, first base wasn't as bad as taking grounders at third. Out of the... eh, I don't know, maybe 24 or so balls hit to me, I completely missed 4 of them and didn't properly field a few but I was able to get to them in time to make it look halfway decent. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I didn't think I did all that bad today.

(The "tooting my own horn" thing reminds me of a line from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel, which I went to go see with my 5-year-old sister, 'cause there's a line in it where Alvin is all like "I don't mean to toot my own horn, but beep ba beep beep beeeep!")

Oh, so our bench coach and our shortstop (the one that messed up her knee) have been taking pictures at all the games, and they got a really good one of me at our game on Monday.

Of course, this was the game in which I struck out twice... But hey, I'm playing, and there's photo documentation of it. I like this picture, but I noticed a few things about it. One, that I hold my bat (yes, my girly pink bat) way too up right. Two, that I need a haircut because my ponytail covers my awesome #4. Three, that my uniform makes me look short, which I guess I can't complain about since I'm only 5'5". And four (even though this will get me punched), that my softball pants accentuate the fact that I have a less than small derrière. All the better to sonic hip bump you with, my dear.

Game tomorrow night, against the team we lost 4-1 to. Which reminds me, I was doing a little stats monkeying today during precalc and realized that we've scored 120 runs this season (average of 10 runs per game). In comparison, our opponents have scored only 47 (average of about 4 runs). Not too shabby :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

well that was weird

I'm usually pretty good at marking down what the play is. But I had two happen to me today that I wasn't sure what to do about. I hit a ball to the third baseman (basewoman? basegirl?), and it was definitely a close play... except for the fact that the first baseman missed the ball and it hit me in the back of the shoulder.
It hit in that mush spot right between the top of my shoulder and that bumpy bone at the top of the spine, so it didn't hurt that much, but it bounced off me and rolled into dead ball territory so they gave me second. I ended up marking it as reaching on an error and going to second on a dead ball.

The other one was a popup to the first baseman, and I didn't see it 'cause I was too busy worrying about running, but apparently it hit her or something happened that made her drop it and it rolled into foul territory so I made it to second. I guess I'll mark that as an error too.

Regardless, I went 2 for 6 with 2 singles, reaching on two errors, a foul fly-out to right, a groundout to short and a walk. And the obligatory stolen base or two and run or two. We won 20-1, but varsity lost 8-zip so one of the juniors on varsity got all pissy and wouldn't let anyone, even JV, talk on the way home 'cause varsity needed to think about what they screwed up on.

We all secretly thought this was total BS 'cause even though losing sucks, you can't tell me that all the runs against them were on errors and that everyone struck out. Some things you just can't control. Sometimes, losing is one of those things. And it's not like we were all like "Nananananana, we won and you didn't." The only reason why our score was even brought up is 'cause they finished before we did and specifically asked how our game was.

Anyway. That's all. Game on Friday.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

breaking the cardinal rule

Well, not really, but I'm kinda not s'posed to be posting at school. It's just that I have piano lessons tonight and then a massive essay due for English class tomorrow so if I can get this out of the way, I'll have more time to write my paper and hopefully I can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I have important news, though. It's not spectacular, but it's not horrible. So you know how Alex got sent down to Omaha (well, down in level, up in geography), but what's interesting about this minor league escapade is where they're putting him. They're throwing him in the outfield 'cause his defense sucks. Those "they" people say that 3rd base isn't getting totally taken away, but they want him to be able to play other positions since he's not the second coming of George Brett that everyone thought he was.

I'm pretty much ok with this, partially 'cause outfielders are awesome :) and also because this is kindof a slap in the face to the Royals organization. I'm not trying to criticize their whateverness, but they threw Alex into the majors waaaaay too early. He still needed a few more years in the minors, particularly in Omaha since he skipped from double-A to the majors. It's obvious that he'll be what people call a "quadruple-A player," which sucks to an extent, but he does so well in triple-A, so he's probably just not ready for the hype of being the second coming of George Brett. He's good, and he's capable of doing good things, but the team screwed itself over by putting that much pressure on him.

And that was my intelligent thought for the day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

i thought i was over this

Apparently not. We won 6-3 against that team we creamed 24-2 last year, and I didn't play on the field but we used an 11-person lineup, and I batted leadoff (which I hate with a passion but hey, I was in the lineup).

Yeah. Heh. About that whole "batting" thing. I struck out for the first time this season today. Understandable, you can't go a season and not strike out. But I struck out not once but twice today, both swinging but on pitches I probably shouldn't've swung at and one of them being a dropped 3rd strike so I could've run to first but I only saw the catcher catch the ball, not drop it. When I came back to the book to make sure it had all been documented right, I took my take-home book that I use to do stats with and wrote "dammit" and a mad face next to my Ks. The suicide groundout in my 3rd at-bat didn't really help my case either.

That's 0 for 3, in case you lost track through my pissing and moaning. I normally wouldn't have a problem with it 'cause everyone has their crappy days, but hitting is my only redeemable quality other than doing the book. I can't field, so the coaches put me in the lineup 'cause they know I can hit. But if it turns out that I can't even do that, then they'd be stupid to keep me in the lineup. It's moments like these in which I feel like such an embarrassment to the team.

On a lighter note, I think the softball season weight loss has kicked in, 'cause I wore a pair of shorts today that I remember struggling to pull up earlier in the season, and today I had all I could do to keep them up. It wasn't too embarrassing, since it was kindof a good feeling to know that I'm not completely out of shape. And I don't think anyone was too emotionally scarred from it. At least I hope not...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


That was a horribly lame post, and it really shouldn't count towards my every day posting-ness since I typed it up on Friday and had it post yesterday.

Anyway. Music trip was fun. I did a little DLGM post but again I'm not going to type it all (which makes me wonder why I bother doing it in the first place). It was a lot of fun. Wicked was awesome even the second time around, the music adjudication went pretty well and we got 3rd place, I was a roller coaster junkie with the EGE and went on the Great American Scream Machine 3 times and a few others (not Kingda Ka, I was petrified to go on it and the line was too long anyway), and I got a piggyback ride back to the buses :)
For more info, the EGE, Laura and possibly Eliz might have posts too since they were there with me.

Now for some baseball things. Alex got moved to the bench (EDIT, 5:32pm) sent down to triple-A Omaha, Ellsbury is still progressing with his chest contusion, and today is Salty's 25th birthday!

(It's ok, Salty, you'll be back in the lineup soon.)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

beep beep beep beep boop boop boop





*khhhht* "Hey, it's me. Obviously I can't get to the phone right now, or maybe I just don't feel like answering it, so leave a message and I'll get back to you eventually. Bye!"

After the tone, record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up or press 1 for more options.