Monday, April 12, 2010

"wow! it's late!"

I was eating dinner at my stepmom's house last night, looked at my watch, saw it was 8 and said this. No one would drop it for the rest of the night. I realize that my mom's side of the family is a little more organized but 8 o'clock is late to be eating dinner!

Of course, I also said a variation of this later when I kinda lost track of time while watching The Big Bang Theory and realized it was almost midnight. Except no one was there to make fun of me for it.

And then it just so happens that the window I was facing in the bonus room (the awesome room above the garage that I sortof have a claim to) while sleeping was the side of the house that the sun rises on, so I was greeted at 6:30something this morning with a lovely but quite obnoxious sunrise. I got off the couch/chaise lounge, shut the blinds and went back to bed and didn't get back up til 9.

I had a really strange dream about going into a nearby town looking for terrorists and the town was still pretty trashed from the recent flood (i.e. there were bridges and roads out and stuff). I was sortof held captive by one but he let me go after I ran a lap around the park 'cause I was fit or whatever.
See, kiddies, this is what happens when you don't get enough sleep.

Oh, and Lincecum got his 2nd win last night against the Padres, and he had 10 Ks.

So yeah. Practice later. Then games tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And whaddaya know, the forecast says it's s'posed to rain on Saturday. What a surprise.

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