Friday, April 16, 2010

this is what i have been waiting for

No, not the 4-1 loss yesterday or the 4-3 loss today, or the fact that Ellsbury might have to go on the DL, or even the fact that Alex got promoted to triple-A Omaha to finish rehab (though that is nice). My happiness has to do with today's game.

Yeah, we lost 4-3, which kinda sucks, but if it helps, it was in the bottom of the 7th (we were away). And our left fielder wasn't here so I played the entire game, which made me happy. I kinda sucked in the fielding part of it (so I'm not going to go there), but I did really well in the offense part.

I got up to bat 3 times and made it on base all 3 times; the last one was an infield hit, and the other two were kinda iffy (the coach said they were infield hits, but I marked them as errors 'cause both were overthrows at first base), but hey, I got on base.

And I stole a few bases too, usually on really crappy slides that are more like kerflumping than actually sliding. My best slide was into 3rd on a steal, and everyone said I was safe and the ump called me out and I was like "Pft, screw whether I'm out or not, I slid correctly!" I also scored two of our three runs.

See, this is proof that even though I look like I suck, and usually I do, I can have moments of brilliance. Today's offense was one of them.

However, the game ball, if I had any say in who the game ball went to, would definitely have to go to our pitcher, because not only did she pitch the whole game, she also scored our other run, got on base twice and survived a nasty collision at first base the first play of the game (the first baseman on the other team had to be carried off the field).

Sowwy, no pictures of this game, I didn't have my camera with me, and I don't think the girls would appreciate me posting pictures of them on here without them knowing. If you're friends with me on Facebook, the pictures from yesterday's game are posted.

Also, I was a big girl and drove home in the rain by myself! :)