Monday, April 26, 2010

my apologies

This is a shoutout to a friend. She knows who she is.

I just wanted to apologize for being a big butthead before/after homeroom today. I shouldn't've been harping on you about your thesis paper track record when you've made a lovely effort at this year's paper. I also should've known better than to pry into your school business when I'm not in charge in any way, shape or form, because that's just not right on my part. At the time, I felt that my comment was necessary, however, I promise not to be a big butthead about it again. Also, if you need help on your paper, I'm always available. Truce?

(I feel a lot better now that I've gotten that off my chest.)

On a lighter note, it looks like the weather should hold up for us tomorrow. Hope the other coach learned how to count in the offseason (this is the team that had an elementary math fail last year and sent the game into extra innings and call the game as a tie when it was actually in our favor)


Laura said...

No thank you to your help (though I appreciate the offer). Apology accepted. Truce.

mandachan said...

ok, sounds good. *shakes hand*