Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more viking fun

Since that movie was just so awesome, I have to have two posts about it.

These sorts of things always fascinate me just for the sake of being all ... well, not mystical, but interesting and different in a mysterious kinda way. We did a Viking unit in 5th grade where the class was split into Norwegian, Danish and Swedish clans. I don't believe we picked groups, but I got into the Swedish one which is cool 'cause I'm part Swedish. What was even better was that I was elected jarl of the group (that's pronounced "yarl," it's a fancy word for leadery person). I don't remember the entirety of the project but we earned Norsemarks for doing good things. And I almost succeeded in being the first leader to kick a guy out of the clan because one of the guys in my group, who was a big jerk and teased me, did jack diddly in groupwork and I was so close to getting him kicked out but the unit ended and I was bummed.

How this ties back to the movie: my name in the unit was Astrid. I win.

Also, Laura and Kyla claimed to think that the Hiccup/Astrid pairing was not only completely obvious (it was, I saw it coming in the first scene where Astrid showed up), it was a parallel to me and the EGE. I can see some sort of resemblance 'cause he's got the engineery thing going on and a good sense of humor (sometimes) and sarcasm, and I can be a big, independent jerk a good deal of the time, but it's starting to get a little old 'cause every time there's a pairing-up in a movie or show, the comparison always comes back to us.

Oh well. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

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Laura said...

Well... you're the only couple we have around to compare them to!