Friday, April 2, 2010

injury updateage!

I told you I'd get back to baseball eventually.

Ok so unfortunately, I have a lot of injury news. Ellsbury hasn't played the past 3 days due to arm soreness (and the Red Sox injury report on is over a page long which is a little unnerving). Alex will still be on the DL for the start of the season. Lincecum did have a boo-boo on his right middle finger last week but he said it was all good. Salty was out for a bit from neck/back soreness but it looks like all systems go now, and he'll be splitting the catching with Teagarden like last year.

Today will be a bit of a lax day. My aunt, gramma and cousins are coming over to color eggs, then I have practice and then I'm going out to dinner to a place I've never been before so I'm pretty excited.

Bye for now!

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