Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i think i pulled an alex

My hip hurts. I mean, it really hurts. I had to take a break during practice to stretch it out, and when I had to get in the car afterwards, it took me like 10 seconds. That doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're used to jumping in the car, it's a long time.

So my brain was going in weird directions today, and I half-convinced myself that I pulled an Alex. It's the same hip that hurts (the right one), hurt doing essentially the same sport. I then thought "Ohmygawd, I tore my hip labrum and I'll need surgery." Then I realized that tearing a labrum would render me useless in softball (with the exception of managing/scorekeeping), and then that I couldn't drive so then I would lose my job(s). (Oh, yeah, btw I got my license. Yay!)
So, extrapolating from this observation of injury patterns, I should be sliding headfirst into 2nd base early next season, shatter my thumb and get sent down to rec league. I think I'll stick to asking if I can manage...

Anyway. That reminds me that I need to update you on my weekend festivities. I went out to dinner with the EGE on Friday to an awesome little oriental place that had food from pretty much every Asian country imaginable. And it was gooooood. I had a bout of indecisiveness and got a dinner box that had beef teriyaki, a mini roll of sushi, wonton soup and some vegetable and shrimp tempura. And I ate the entire thing. I'm such a pig. But it just tasted so darn good.
I had to get up at buttcrack hour Saturday morning to get to DMV at 7:15 so I could be towards the beginning of the line for when it actually opened at 8. The instructor testing dude was a little intimidating-looking but he was really nice, and I did fine except my backing-in job was a little close on my side, but I suck at backing in with the Escape anyway. The written test was pretty easy, but I definitely took advantage of the "skip this question" option on a few questions because who honestly memorizes what the fine is for street racing?
We had Easter Eve dinner with my mom's family and we had prime rib and lamb and all sorts of yummy food. And an Easter egg hunt with my cousins. Then on Sunday we went to my stepdad's family's house for Easter stupid midafternoon meal and we had chicken and seventy bajillion sides and another Easter egg hunt after a minor altercation between some family members.

And that's my story. And I'm sticking to it. My leg still hurts.

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