Monday, April 5, 2010

i has a booboo

I didn't get hit by a grounder today, surprisingly enough. Instead I tore up my leg while sliding. It's not too bad, a few girls who had existing sliding wounds from Saturday had blood running down their legs after the first slide, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sting. I was a good person and got the med box and handed out alcohol wipes and blow-out patches to the girls on the team. And then afterwards I was too lazy to change into real clothes for band rehearsal so I showed up in my practice clothes and Crocs and looked like a complete bum, complete with that oh-so-lovely smell of sunscreen mixed with sweat. Yummeh.
Also my hip hurts too. I'm not sure why. My parents say that it's 'cause I was sliding wrong, which is perfectly plausible since I absolutely suck at sliding, except for the fact that it was hurting a bit before today.
Yay scrimmage tomorrow :)

Now for some baseball! I watched a total of 2/3 of an inning last night, enough to see Ellsbury up at bat and for Scott Schoeneweis to come in after Beckett fell apart in the 5th inning. At that point they were losing 5-1. They, of course, came back to win 9-7. Maybe I should stop watching the games more often so they win :)
Also in baseball news, the Rangers beat the Jays something to something and Salty had an RBI single, the Royals lost to Detroit 8-4 but Alex wasn't playing anyway, and Dan Haren and the D-backs beat the Padres 6-3. Lincecum is pitching against the Astros right now, score is 3-zip, San Fran, as of 8:39pm.

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