Thursday, April 1, 2010

don't you just love being a geek?

First off, today is not April Fools' Day.


Anyway, in celebration, I had a very geeky joke that I wanted to pull off. My current issues room is room 404, so I was gonna ask my teacher if we could put a sign on the door that says "404: Room Not Found" and then have class in the library or somewhere else. Unfortunately I didn't have current issues today. Darn.

I also had a geeky moment in sports psych, but it warranted me the obligatory death glare that follows whenever I open my mouth. We were on one of our trippy tangents, talking about how losing smells and such, so we were talking about "the taste of victory." Our teacher asked what the 5 tastes were, and everyone was all like "sweet, salty, sour, bitter" and then I chipped in and said "yeah, sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami." Of course, I had to then explain to my bewildered classmates that umami is the Japanese word for "delicious", and glutamate binds to the receptors and gives the brain that "savory" taste feeling. Hence why MSG makes food taste so darn good. But only one other person in my class got my reference.

Another, but less geeky, thing in sports psych was when we were talking about what textbooks can be used for. Some people said they're used for teaching. Some said they're used for learning. I said they were good for hitting people with. I like my reason the best :)

And dangnabbit I forgot my other geekery things to post about. Oh well. This is why I don't post after 8 or 9. I'm gonna go to bed. Ill have softball things to post about tomorrow, and I'll make a list of pre-Opening Day importantnesses for you, since I've been kinda not on the ball about the baseball aspect of this blog that is, after all, about divided fan baseball.


Ellie said...

I wish sports psych was offered at my school. It seems like it would be a cool class.

And when I read 'salty' I thought of the catcher, not the taste. Ah, baseball.

mandachan said...

it is a pretty cool class. it was a little trippy at first, and sometimes we wonder where our teacher is going with his tangents (like the taste one) but it's pretty interesting.

yeah, i did that too when i read it in my bio book :)