Thursday, April 8, 2010


For starters, my hip still hurts quite a bit.

Then, I got this year's first round of "I didn't put sunscreen on my throwing hand because I never do and now I have itchy red sun poisoning all over it." It itches as all get-up and is starting to drive me nuts.

Then, I got an email back from the reporter lady from the local newspaper and unfortunately I can't intern this summer 'cause I'm not a college student. I kinda saw this coming, and yeah, it kinda sucks, but it's not the end of the world 'cause I can still make arrangements to job shadow or just go in for a tour and see how things work so maybe when I am in college (if I'm around here), I'll know how everything works.

Then, I saw that Salty got put on the DL for "stiffness in his left upper back." 'Cause having one of the 5 on the DL wasn't bad enough already.

Then, I found out that the Stankees won last night, 3-1 in 10.

Oh, and I had to drive home from my gramma's house tonight. By myself. In the dark. On a busy road. With crazy casino drivers that try to run me over when they merge 'cause apparently the speed limit isn't fast enough for them.

And I have a lot of homework due tomorrow, including 3 journals, a few open-ended Qs for current issues and 9 chapters of Huck Finn because our teacher apparently thinks that none of us have lives and can read 9 chapters in a night and fully understand it. Grr. It's gonna be a late night tonight.

And dangnabbit my hand really really itches! :P

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