Wednesday, April 7, 2010

crossover post

Not the fun kind where another blogger comes and guest posts, unfortunately. More in the sense that I'm talking about both baseball and softball.

Softball parts: I'm really nervous for the game on Friday. Not only because we'll be playing the team that was #5 in the state last year, but because JV is a little discombobulated. With the exception of our shortstop, one of our catchers and myself, it's all freshmen. They're all decent, and a lot of them are really nice, but sometimes they just drive me nuts. Because I was kept primarily to be a good role model and I'm one of three returning players, I'll call the plays and try to give pointers when I feel it's necessary, but I try not to be a jerk. And when we do team jogs, some of the girls always run ahead of the rest of us, and I'll ask them to slow down a bit because it is a team jog not a solo run and we can only jog as fast as our slowest runner (usually myself). Instead, some of them get all pissy at me for telling them what to do, and my across-the-street neighbor who is also on the team says that they're all like "who died and made her captain" and stuff like that. I'm not trying to be overly bossy. I'm just trying to help because for the most part, I sorta know what I'm doing. But they really piss me off sometimes.
Also I probably won't be starting on Friday. It sucks, but as long as I get at least an inning in every game, I'll be happy.

Baseball parts: I have a few of these.
For starters, we skipped about 40 minutes of practice to hop on over to the baseball field for a dedication ceremony because they named the field after Matty B, with really nice signs on the back of the backstop and over the scoreboard. They had the principal and the baseball coach and a few other high-up people say a few words, and Matty B's parents threw out the first pitch(es), and there were a LOT of people that showed up, which was really sweet.
In slightly less local baseball news, Alex will most definitely not be playing in the Sox/Royals series this weekend 'cause he'll start a rehab assignment with the single-A Wilmington Blue Rocks. Here's to hoping he'll be healthy for Memorial Day weekend.
Sox lost last night 6-4 to the Stankees. Oh well. It's not the end of the world. There's still 160 games left.

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