Friday, April 30, 2010

*clears throat*

Ah hem.

*deep voice* Can I have your attention please?

Due to the music trip, mandachan will not be able to post anything of substance until Sunday afternoon when she gets back. She realizes this will break her string of consecutive posts that she has had since January-ish. But suck it up.

Thank you. */deep voice*

Now that I have that straightened out, I can revise yesterday's post and explain that the post title was relating to our season, we're 8 and 2 (varsity is 2 and 8), and I did actually play yesterday but not until the 6th inning, I only went up to bat once (and had a suicide groundout) and I caught a fly ball. We won 5-4.

That was actually the first game I've played in this season where I didn't get on base. That's kinda sad. But hey, I didn't strike out. Then again, the only thing worse that grounding out to first would be to strike out looking. (cue giggling from anyone who has read Disco Hayes' blog)

Oh well. Hasta domingo!

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