Tuesday, April 27, 2010

at least i sound like i know what i'm doing

We won 17-10 today, bringing our record up to 7 and 2. And the other team had a new coach this year and she knew how to count :)

Anyway. I went 3 for 4 with 3 singles (including an absolutely atrocious bunt single 'cause I can't bunt to save my life), a walk, reaching on an error/fielders indifference thing and stolen bases and runs and stuff. It was kinda embarrassing though 'cause I was watching our coach for signs the entire time, yet one of the times I was on second base, I completely missed two signs so our coach was like "Hey, you're stealing on this next pitch." So of course I had to steal on the next pitch and I got thrown out at third to end the inning.

Also I was fielding a ball hit down the left field line, which I thought had been hit foul, and not only was it fair, I misplayed it and that cost us a run. Once again, I at least try to give the illusion that I know what I'm doing, 'cause if I'm gonna suck, might as well make it look good.

We had to tweak our positions quite a bit today 'cause our shortstop is out indefinitely (she either tore her ACL or her meniscus, either way she'll need surgery eventually) and we were missing 2 people to sickness (possibly mono) and one to the "miss a game, sit another" rule since she was at a dance competition from Thursday til yesterday and missed 3 games. So we had our left fielder play at first, which she's never played, one of our backup outfielders at second, our center fielder at short, me in left, our right fielder in center and our other backup outfielder in right. Hooray for more Chinese fire drills! We actually didn't do half bad, just the obligatory errors and also a few communication problems as well as my usual fielding idiocy.

And I had something else kinda important to say but I forgot what it was. Must not have been that important. Ta ta!


fencer_22 said...

my mom and brother were at the game my brother got a ride to the highschool and my Mom never left didn't realive it was your game till they got back and told me but they said you did good. =)

mandachan said...

wait, today's game? we were away today. granted, we were only down the street, but we weren't up at the high school. but if your mom and brother did see me play, i thank them for the comments :)