Saturday, April 17, 2010

alright, i'm back

(And breaking my one-post-a-day preference)

I'm really glad my parents let me go back to bed after I got the postponement call. Including today, I have slept in exactly twice during the entirety of Spring Break, between work and softball. Of course, it was kinda strange and not nice that my family decided to leave the house without me while I was sleeping, but I kinda didn't want to go shopping for windows anyway.

So I was looking at box scores and whatnot (Sox and Rays got rain suspended, tied at 1; Royals and Greinke got hammered by the Twins 10-3) and was quite pleased to see that Alex beasted yesterday in triple-A. He went 3 for 4 with a home run, 4 runs and a HBP. My awesomeness yesterday must've rubbed off on him ;)

Oh, and has anyone been paying attention to the news lately? It seems like Eastern Europe/Western Asia, particularly former Soviet-controlled areas, have been having lots of issues lately. There was that horrible plane crash that took the lives of the Polish president, his wife and pretty much every other higher-up government person, leaving the country to be run by the prime minister and local officials. There was the small-but-deadly revolution in Kyrgyzstan that ousted their president and put in a new one that doesn't like the US military base there (the base is to deliver food and supplies and such to the troops in Afghanistan). And then there is the Russian ban on all US adoptions after a lady sent her adopted son back to Moscow because he threw a temper tantrum. It's some pretty hefty-duty stuff.

And now, for some lighter stuff, here's a picture I took the other day.

This is my hibiscus plant that I unfortunately might've killed by not bringing it in last week when it frosted a bit. It's red, which automatically makes it awesome :)

So yeah. That's all for today. Off to do some homework and then to my gramma's house to get my dress hemmed (oh right I forgot, I tried on a few dresses yesterday that I borrowed from my cousins and I picked one out. Guess what color :) )


fencer_22 said...

cool picture

mandachan said...

thanks. i went outside to take a picture of my car and i kinda got sidetracked by all the flowers