Friday, April 23, 2010

5 and 2

We won yesterday and today, which brings our record to 5 and 2 (varsity, unfortunately, is 2 and 5). These two games, which were won 10-1 and 8-1, respectively, were kinda weird 'cause neither of them were full-length games.

Yesterday's game was cut short in the bottom of the 5th 'cause even though it had been raining for about an inning already, it started thundering and lightninging so we legally had to stop the game. I went 1 for 2 with a single, a groundout, 2 walks and some stolen bases and runs but I'll have to check the book for exact stats. It started downpouring in my 4th at-bat, which wasn't fun (though it was interesting to play in the rain, I must admit.)

Today's game jokingly signaled the apocalypse because we finally played that team that we always get rained out against, without a drop of precipitation in sight. And the kicker is that we beat a school with a varsity team that was 5th in the state last year. Idk, maybe their JV just sucks this year, 'cause we beat them 8-1 in 3 innings before the town rec leagues kicked us off the field (we started the game late anyway).

The bus schedule was a little weird these two games 'cause we got to the field in barely enough time to warm up (we got to the field today 20 minutes late, actually), so I basically just threw on my cleats and glove and went out to go start throwing and stuff. I always wear a watch 'cause I'm partially OCD about knowing what time it is, but we're not s'posed to wear any jewelry during games so I had to take my watch off but didn't have anywhere to put it.
I'm not a huge advocate of using the "Victoria's secret compartment," a.k.a. storing stuff down my shirt, but when push comes to shove, you gotta do what you gotta do. Once I got off the field, I put my watch on my water bottle where it usually goes. But I felt really stupid in the meantime for having to use undergarments for storage.

On a slightly less silly note, a CT scan came back and Ellsbury has hairline fractures in four of his ribs. He still seems to think he'll be able to come back for Tuesday, and I'm hoping for a good recovery, but I kinda wish he'd get better sooner or that Beltre didn't knee him in the boob in the first place 'cause my stepdad got tickets to the game this Sunday through work and he's giving them to me and my mom :)

And I guess that's it. Game tomorrow morning.

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