Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yay for being a lazy butt

If you read The Amateur Geek (which I know most of you do, since I only have so many followers and half of them came from that site), you already know that it's CAPT week. This is one of the upperclassman perks I've actually been able to use. Normally, I would have to take the normal bus, which comes way too early, into school and sit in the cafeteria til 12 'cause my parents leave the house before I do and therefore cannot drive me in late. Fortunately, I have friends (or, more accurately, their parents, since none of my friends can legally drive me) that are willing to let me mooch a ride so I don't have to get there at some ungodly hour and sit there for 4+ hours.
I admit, I kinda took advantage of this and didn't finish my homework last night, and I'm kinda kicking myself for allowing myself to do that, but hey. I got to sleep in past 6 today. I'm pretty happy right now.

I'm gonna go make myself a hot breakfast, which, aside from oatmeal, does not happen ever on the weekdays. Bye :)

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