Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what a lovely day

There I go again, being all old. Oh well. It balances out my immaturity.

But seriously. It's really nice out. It's like 60 degrees, a little breeze, nice and sunny, perfect weather for softball or just hanging around outside. And of course I have a 2-page response for English to do for tomorrow. Ugh.

So. Few things for you today.

1, that flight I told you about yesterday was Flight 404. 404 - Landing Site Not Found?
(I'm sorry, that was lame)

2, one of the Sox's prospects, Ryan Westmoreland, had brain surgery this week to fix a "cavernous malformation". Yikes. They say he's doing fine, but that's some pretty hefty stuff to have done. And Lowrie has mono. Get well soon, guys!

3, happy St. Patrick's Day! As far as I know, I'm not Irish at all, but I wore my green Boston Hooligan shirt and green socks and a few green bracelets so I wouldn't get punched. Yes, the rule is that people get pinched when they don't wear green on St. Paddy's Day. But this is high school we're talking about.
And while I'm on the tangent of today, happy birthday to my friend Mike. And also to Matty B. Keep up the awesomeness, you two :)

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