Thursday, March 25, 2010

well, i was having a good day...

...until I realized I had gotten so sucked into reading for English last night that I forgot to submit my poetry explication to and now I'm probably going to fail it because even though I handed it in physically on the day it was due, I didn't hand it in to the plagiarism site so now I'm a bad person and my grade is going to drop and dammit why did I have to do that?!


Practice was ok. I kinda sucked at the beginning with grounders and diving, but I didn't do bad on the position work (they threw me in as a sub at second base and luckily both the hits to me were liners so I didn't have to worry about fielding them as grounders and risking getting hit in the face without my mouthguard, which was in my locker).

I'm going to go sit in my emo corner and mushroom now that my day was ruined by my own idiocy >:P

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