Sunday, March 21, 2010

this made my day

The EGE is visiting his sister up in Massachusetts this weekend, which explains why he's not posting much (if at all). But he did have time to send me a hilarious picture.

Preemptive explanation: His sister goes to Gordon College, which is north of Boston. Of course, being the immature little snot that I am, I can't help but laugh every time either of them mention it. It's a bad habit and I'm sure they've wanted to smack me for it at least once.

Why this is relevant: He sent me a picture of a parking spot sign, one of the fake ones that people put on the door to their room. Ok, fine, whatever. The kid's name on the spot is Alex Gordon.

Now you know why this made my day.

(obviously, this is a different Alex, but it still made me laugh, between the name itself and where it was found)

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