Sunday, March 28, 2010

this is why i will never have kids

Having a little sister pretty much ruins anyone else's argument towards the wonders and joys of parenthood. Sure, people change, but I can tell you that because I don't like little kids as a teenager, the chances of me liking them as an adult, especially with my experiences with a sister 11 years my junior, is pretty slim.

I mean, she's tolerable sometimes. We'll sit down and watch Nickelodeon together. That's about it. The rest of the time, she's just... ugh! She doesn't listen to me. Ever. She's more attitudinal than many highschoolers I know. She doesn't understand that weekends = sleeping in, or at least being quiet so everyone else can sleep in.

My parents went to my cousin's wedding this weekend, leaving me in charge of Sam. My stepdad's mom came over to keep an eye on us, but that almost made it worse 'cause they always ganged up on me. I realize that I'm pretty much always wrong, but I live in this house! I know the rules! I know that Sam has to take her medicine. I know that she has to go to bed before 8. I know that she shouldn't be watching TV all day. I know that not every light in the house has to be on at all times.
But noooo, I'm always wrong. Magically now that my parents aren't here for a bit, the house rules under the Miranda rights: everything I say can and will be used against me. So instead of having a little bit of order, Sam's going around hooting and hollering like a banshee in public, pissing and moaning 'cause I turned the TV off, complaining about every little thing. And somehow I'm the bad one for reprimanding her for acting like a brat.

Now, does anyone else want a little sister?


Laura said...

How do you feel about selling her to the circus? the money can go to your prom dress account!

mandachan said...

nice. i don't think that would go over too well...
besides, if i had extra money lying around, it wouldn't be towards a prom dress.

fencer_22 said...

duct tape makes a great silencer. and if you feel bad about putting it over her mouth, use it to lock her in her room.