Saturday, March 6, 2010

taking a break

I've been helping prep for my stepdad's b-day party all morning and I've been given reprieve for the moment, so I'll use it to say hi.


I know, Spring Training is in full swing, but I don't really feel like reporting on EVERY game. Is that ok? I mean, it gets a bit repetitive after a while. (Besides, if I start posting all-baseball, especially focusing primarily on my "5", I know at least one of my readers will revolt.)

Oh, and I was listening to the radio this morning while prepping and I got rickrolled. It made me laugh. And I was so tempted to call a few friends and hold my phone up to the radio to rickroll them too, but I was nice and I didn't. So instead I'll rickroll you guys now with the video. Mwahahahahaha :)

So yeah. Enjoy your Saturday (it's really nice out here, don't know about everywhere else)

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