Thursday, March 4, 2010

so... close...!

Spring Training games are starting either today or tomorrow! Yay!

Just a short one for you today, I have homework to do.

The Sox did their annual doubleheader against BC and Northeastern, and obviously the Sox won both games (poor Northeastern got hammered, BC actually put up a good fight) but that's like throwing a college team against a rec league team in terms of the hierarchy, so that's ok. And the Royals had the 2nd of two intrasquad games. I'm not sure how Alex or Ellsbury did since I don't feel like searching for the box score and it's early and the games don't count.

Oh, and you know how I mentioned Eri Yoshida, the sidearm knuckleballer that was the first girl to be signed by a team in Japan a while back? She came to a training session yesterday to work with Wakefield, who is her idol. According to the video, he was very impressed with how much she was able to reduce the spin on her ball and how much movement it had. And heck, who better to teach the knuckler than Wake?

So yeah. I should probably finish my homework soon. Hasta luego.

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