Monday, March 8, 2010

miscellaneous idiocy

Spring Training has lost a bit of its luster since Alex broke his thumb and won't be able to return to the team til after the Red Sox/Royals series, so instead I'll post about random stupid things I've done or seen lately.

On Saturday, we had the party for my stepdad. The EGE came over so I wouldn't feel totally outcasted at my own house, so we hung out and did nothing, and then after he left, he realized he left his wallet at my house. At that point, it was almost 1am and I didn't feel like searching for it, so instead I spent most of my Sunday looking for his wallet, inside, outside, all over the place. He even came back over to look for it. And then around 4:30 or so he calls me to tell me it had fallen out of his pocket in his sister's car on the way to the party and had never brought the stinkin' thing to my house in the first place.

Then, today was Senior Skip Day at school, so practically everyone in my current issues class wasn't there, so instead we worked on our projects due on Friday and got bonus points for knowing who sings certain songs. Meaning we did absolutely nothing all class.

Then I was trying to open my locker with friends complaining that I didn't capitalize "Iran" on my Iran project poster (my theory: I hate capitalizing, and they don't like us anyway), and my locker wouldn't open no matter how many times I tried the combo. Then I realized that I was trying to open the locker next to mine.

Ok maybe I thought I had more idiocies to write about than this. Oh well.

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