Saturday, March 27, 2010

internet search history

I admit, I'm kindof a computer junkie. It bothers me to go more than a day without checking my email (heck, it bothers me to go more than a few hours without checking it). I blog pretty much every day. I read at least 3 webcomics regularly. I toodle around on Facebook quite a bit, especially when I have homework I don't want to do. Just all sorts of examples of internet addiction.

I was bored the past few days at various points, and I was experimenting on what letters in the URL bar will bring up what. Obviously, if I type in "D", I'll get the blog first, then, then Drowning in Turtles (sorry for not posting recently) and Disco Hayes' blog. "M" will get me to MyLifeIsAverage and then my email. "Q" and "X" get me Questionable Content and xkcd, respectively. And the letter "I" gets me to the Kansas City Royals injuries page. I'm not sure I like that.

Other fun stuff comes from that Google Analytics site. In addition to all the stalkerish stuff they have on there, like where visitors live and what kind of internet connection they use, they also have where your traffic comes from, like from referring sites (and where), direct traffic or search engines. The keywords are kinda fun to look at too. Not surprisingly, "divided loyalty" is one of the keywords that has brought someone to my site. Duuuuh. The other ones were Eri Yoshida (the sidearm knuckleballer from Japan), Ryan Westmoreland (the Sox prospect that recently had brain surgery), Tomorrow, When the War Began (the first book of that series I just finished), "cancelled flights from ege march 19 2010," and my personal favorite, "for your birthday i grew you a cat", which was from a comment Ellie made regarding awesome birthday cards we've seen.
Speaking of Google Analytics, that would be a good segway into realizing how many other blogs I owe thanks to, partially for dealing with my nonsense and partially for being a good reference for other people. So thanks to the Amateur Geek, Fencing Insanity, Ooh Shiny! and Mr. Met is My Brother for being awesome like that :)

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